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Move to zero emission

At Fleet Support we are always concerned with the effect of mobility on the environment. For example, fleet management is constantly on the move. Green and electric driving is increasingly becoming the norm. Just like using the bicycle and public transport. We are happy to move with you in this. Sustainable mobility goes hand in hand with good employment practices, efficiency and convenience. With “Move to zero emissions” we are taking the next step to contribute to a more sustainable world.

More sustainable and greener

Which tax rules apply and which subsidies are available? Are there electric delivery vans for my sector? How do we efficiently use the charging stations and available energy capacity? All questions that you may have. We have the answer to all these questions and more. With “Move to zero emissions”, Fleet Support helps to make your corporate mobility more sustainable and greener.

Move to zero emission packages



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  • 1. Awareness
  • – Policy session
  • – Training Basic
  • – Training Advanced
  • 2. Analyze and measure
  • – EV Suitability Assessment
  • – Fleet analysis
  • – Quick scan van
  • – Determining scenarios
  • 3. Define policy
  • – Car / mobility policy advice and lease standards
  • – Charging and charging policy
  • – Determine purchasing strategy
  • 4. Sourcing and Implementing
  • – Implement car / mobility policy
  • – Purchase lease
  • – Load home purchases
  • 5. Monitor and Support
  • – EV Selection Help
  • – Guidance quote – ordering process
  • – Guide ordering home charger
  • – Fleet Support SHIFT
  • – Energy consumption / usage reporting
  • – Lease driver information package
  • 6. Adjust and optimize
  • – TCO / TCM optimization
  • – Load control
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