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Every story has a beginning. The Fleet Support story starts 30 years ago with the drive to get people moving. We take a critical look at the changing mobility needs in society as a whole. We let our solutions meet that need, from professional fleet management to the latest mobility services.

We do this from an independent position, in order to achieve the objectives of our clients. Moving You also means that we want to make people think. And to make mobility more flexible, sustainable and easier. We love to inspire with innovative solutions and surprising savings. In this way we move together towards a sustainable society.

Towards new mobility,

towards a better world

Fleet management is becoming mobility management

Fleet Support is the creator and market leader of professional fleet management for dozens of large and medium-sized organizations. We manage more than 60,000 lease cars. As a result, we see better than anyone what developments are going on. We are convinced that integrated mobility management is the future. In addition to fleet management, we therefore also focus on managing many new forms of business mobility such as public transport, shared and rental cars and e-bike lease.


Often even in combination with private use, without your intervention as an employer being necessary. As your director in mobility, we connect being an attractive employer with sustainability, efficiency and convenience. Our experts put their strategic knowledge, insight and strength into finance, HR, purchasing and operational management. So that you can offer your people flexible mobility as a well-arranged employment condition, at the lowest possible total cost of mobility (TCM).

International ambitions 

Fleet Support is growing! Business mobility knows no boundaries. In 2021, the Belgian Gloriant was acquired. This international company, active in 26 countries, is an expert in fleet management software (XPOfleet) and outsourcing (mobility power). By joining forces, Fleet Support significantly increases its geographic footprint. In addition to the acquisition of Gloriant, Fleet Support, under the flag of Mobinck Germany, has recently also been active in Germany. Through cooperation between the various Mobinck companies, Fleet Support offers a complete package of services in an international environment.

Interview Jaap van Daalen about ambitions and challenges

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Mobinck is navigating towards the future at lightning speed. One in which mobility is as simple as water from the crane.


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