Mobility is a major cost item within your company. It also has an important influence on CO2 emissions. Not insignificant in this time!

We recommend that you regularly review your mobility policy. Is it still healthy and future-proof? Are the mobility schemes still up to date? Are you satisfied with the suppliers you work with? Are the lease rates still in line with the market? These are just a few of the questions that are extremely relevant to deal with periodically.

Fleet & Mobility Scan 

We offer different types of scans to review your situation. A Fleet & Mobility Scan is the most comprehensive form. This scan gives you insight into the market conformity of the mobility scheme and the costs. You get a clear picture of the current situation and know which parts can be optimized. We examine the following aspects, among others:

  • Policy - assessment of mobility policy, including advice and recommendations
  • Management - zoom in on management situation incl. advice and recommendations
  • Exploitation - analysis of various overviews / reports
  • Sustainability - testing current CO2 emissions and current policy
  • Costs - we map out current costs and the savings potential.


While a Fleet & Mobility Scan examines your entire mobility, we also offer scans that address specific topics. For example, only the car scheme; that is the basic Fleet Scan or focused on electric vehicles; the EV scan. We use this to check whether your fleet is ready for electrification and we examine all relevant aspects for you. Do you only want insight into the policy? Then the Policy Scan is interesting.


Price assurance & benchmarking

Thanks to the largest independent database in the Benelux, we can compare your lease prices at component level with the most relevant data. You gain insight into the market conformity of your lease rates. We can do this once with a Price Level Check or provide long-term assurance with the Lease Price Checker and Lease Rate Monitor

Would you like more insight into how your organization (in terms of mobility) compares to the market? Then look at the possibilities for benchmarking.

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