Dual- of Multivendor

Do you work on a dual or multi-vendor basis, with two or more leasing companies? Then Fleet Support's mobility coordinators can perfectly manage and direct your mobility solution. They have daily contact with your organization and the leasing companies and coordinate everything seamlessly. In this way, each agreement exactly matches your mobility scheme, at the lowest possible cost.


Fleet Support does more. We also monitor and administer all input from the leasing companies, which we integrate and report through secure data exchange. An indispensable added value. This way you enjoy the lower lease prices through multi-vendor, while you do not have to invest time, money and effort in managing lease companies.


Do you have several local fleets across the border, or spread across Europe? Then of course you would like more insight into the management on site. Is your mobility policy up to date in every country? Are your contracts and lease prices best in class? Fleet Support knows all the ins and outs of international fleet management. You can think of:

  • Operational support (flawless implementation and execution of your mobility policy)
  • Quality management and risk mitigation (flawless implementation and execution of your mobility policy)
  • Fleet Desk (English-speaking specialists answer all your specific mobility questions)
  • Administrative processing (invoice check and deduction of car costs)
  • Quarterly reports (management report with current status of your international fleet: total cost of ownership, CO₂ emission values and service levels)

E-bike fleet management

New mobility, new possibilities. Such as the 'e-bike of the company'. An interesting extension, especially if you opt for sustainability and like to invest in the vitality of your human capital. Or if you want to deal smartly with limited parking space, for example. Fleet Support helps you with expertise to facilitate the e-bike of the company and to implement it in your mobility scheme. As with the lease car, there is also an addition for private use.

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