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Please contact us through the contact form or 026 – 353 76 00.

How should we deal with the reimbursement of home charging in connection with the the energy ceiling?

The energy ceiling will apply from 1 January 2023. We recommend that you adhere to the rates as included in the employee's energy contract. Read more about it here.

We do the fleet management ourselves. Do you have tools/software to support this process?

Yes. We have software to easily manage the entire fleet process. This software - XPOfleet - is suitable for smaller and larger fleets. Read more about it here.

Our company has several branches in Europe. What can Fleet Support do for us?

Fleet Support supports companies in both the Netherlands and Europe. Both in the field of outsourcing of fleet management and consultancy assignments.

How do I move from a traditional car scheme to a modern mobility policy?

We can guide you step by step towards a new mobility policy. Based on the company objectives / strategy, we work towards a practical and concrete mobility policy. Our consultants are happy to advise you. Read more about it here.

Our fleet manager is retiring, how do I arrange a good replacement?

An interim fleet manager is a good alternative for temporary replacement. He/she can be deployed quickly, is knowledgeable and often brings new insights into practice, for example to improve processes. Read more about it here.

We have a fleet of less than 250 cars. What can Fleet Support do for me?

That depends on the question. We also support smaller fleets in the formation of a mobility policy and support, for example, in the steps to be taken towards sustainable mobility. Would you like more control over your lease rates? And insight into whether these are still in line with the market? Then the Price Level Check and Lease Price Checker are interesting tools.

How do I know if our lease rates are not too high?

Lease rates fluctuate. We have several solutions to keep a grip on these rates. The Lease Rate Monitor for larger fleets. The Lease Price Checker is interesting for smaller (<250 vehicles).

How can I make our mobility more sustainable?

We support companies in the transition to sustainable mobility. We take into account your business activities, objectives and wishes of the employee. A concrete step-by-step plan 'Move to zero emission' helps with this. Read more about it here.

I am a lease driver, how do I contact you?

For questions about the lease car, you can usually contact the lease company directly. For other miscellaneous questions, the fastest way is to send an email to our customer teams (yourcompanyname@fleetsupport.com).