From fleet management to mobility management

How do you respond to the arrival of smart mobility, how do you keep control and what are the pitfalls? This topical workshop gives you the insights and tools to take the right action. Smart mobility is also an umbrella term, what does and does not fall under it? You will receive an answer to every question. Such as which regulations there are exactly, how a mobility budget works and when the budget fits in seamlessly with your policy and objectives.


What will this workshop bring you?

  • You can respond thoughtfully to the challenges of smart mobility.
  • You can estimate which suppliers excel in smart mobility.
  • You can compare the lease car and the mobility budget.



Program EV Training

Lease forms

private lease Quality mark private lease

Mobility budgets

Budget arrangements What choices can you make? What are the crucial decision points? How do you limit risks and extra hassle?


Price: €595,- Location: Fleet 
Support, Arnhem

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Questions or more information?

Cost control

Always have maximum control of your mobility budget 

Adapting flexibly

Smart alignment of mobility policy with developments 


Effortlessly navigate new mobility 

Would you like to know more about the company bicycle, sustainable mobility or Smart Mobility?

Do you want an advisor who can quickly provide crystal-clear answers to complex mobility questions? Fleet Support provides independent advice.

Our advisers ensure that you get the right mobility solution at the right price. Not only today, but also guaranteed for the future.