Insight into lease rates

How do you keep a grip on the lease rates? Especially if you work with one leasing company, it is possible that lease rates will increase over time. At Fleet Support we offer the right tools to keep a grip on the lease rates. This prevents unnecessary increases.

Depending on your wishes and the size of the fleet, we offer different instruments. From a one-off benchmark of the lease rates to a subscription to maintain continuous control.

Our solutions 

Lease Price Checker

For fleets of up to approx. 250 vehicles, the Lease Price Checker is the tool to keep a grip on the lease rates. The Lease Price Checker provides insight into the market conformity of your lease rates. We benchmark these rates against the price level within our independent database. Read more about it here.


Lease Rate Monitor

For larger fleets we offer the Lease Rate Monitor. Dozens of corporates now use it as an instrument to continuously monitor lease rates. Is there a deviation? Then we can make a substantiated objection to the lease company. Read more about it here!