Do you want to know where you stand as an organization in the field of mobility? For example, compared to comparable companies? Or about your lease rates?

With more than 70,000 vehicles in our database, we have market-based information on various topics. To know 'where you stand', a benchmark is an extremely effective tool. It provides clarity, certainty and can help you with various issues. A benchmark answers questions such as:

  • How does your mobility scheme compare to other companies?
  • What does the distribution of lease vehicles look like in a specific industry?
  • What other mobility trends are there in a specific industry?
  • Purchasing power analysis: is the car category (lease choice) still correct in relation to the wage structure?



There are several options that may be relevant to help you further. A benchmark helps to get a good picture of how the market is doing at the moment.


Are your lease rates still in line with the market?

Are you looking for information whether your lease rates are still in line with the market? We also monitor this with a benchmark. We compare your fleet with lease rates for vehicles from our own database. We have the following solutions for this:


Lease Price Checker; suitable for fleets of up to 250 vehicles

Lease Rate Monitor; suitable for fleets from 250 vehicles


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