Smooth transition to a greener fleet

Electric driving will become the norm. What is the approach route to successfully implement this? Everything starts with a good inventory. In particular, determine where the demand for electric mobility comes from. From your employees or from organizational goals? That largely determines the support. All these types of topics for a smooth transition to an electric fleet are examined with you by experienced experts.


What will this training bring you?

  • Knowledge about the types of electric vehicles (passenger cars and commercial vehicles).
  • Insight into which matters have an impact on the range of the vehicles.
  • Knowledge and insight into the various charging facilities, cost structures and points for attention when charging an EV.
  • Knowledge of tax aspects.
  • Insight into the TCO structure of a fully electric (company) car and the differences compared to ICE vehicles.
  • Practical tools and tips for integrating electric vehicles into your car policy.



Program EV Training


  • Terms and concepts: we explain the most important terms and concepts related to electric driving EV types: is a plug-in EV or not? And what about mild hybrid? We'll explain.
  • Basic explanation of charging + costs: which charging facilities are there, what should you pay attention to, what about the costs?
  • Charging infrastructure: Which parties are all involved in charging an electric vehicle? What do they do and what do you notice about it?
  • Subsidies and taxation: what financial and tax advantages are there when switching to electric driving?
  • Basic TCO explanation: what are the TCO differences between EV and a petrol or diesel vehicle? And how do those differences develop?
  • EV in car policy: What should you pay attention to if you want to include EVs in your car policy? What are the do's and don'ts?

Price: €595,-

Location: Fleet 
Support, Arnhem

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