Move to Zero emission

At Fleet Support we are always concerned with the effect of mobility on the environment. For example, fleet management is constantly on the move. Green and electric driving is increasingly becoming the norm. Just like the use of the bicycle and public transport. We are happy to move with you in this. Sustainable mobility goes hand in hand with being a good employer, efficiency and convenience. With “Move to zero emission” we are taking the next step to contribute to a more sustainable world.

Sustainable and greener

What tax rules apply and what subsidies are available? Are there electric delivery vans for my sector? How do we efficiently use the charging stations and available energy capacity? These are all questions you may have. We have an answer to all these questions and more. With “Move to zero emission”, Fleet Support helps to make your business mobility more sustainable and greener.



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Lees hier meer

Lees hier meer

  • 1. Bewustwording
  • – Beleidssessie
  • – Training Basis
  • – Training Gevorderd
  • 2. Analyseren en meten
  • – EV Suitability Assessment
  • – Wagenparkanalyse
  • – Quickscan bestelwagen
  • – Scenario’s bepalen
  • 3. Beleid bepalen
  • – Car / mobility policy advies en leasenormen
  • – Laden en laadbeleid
  • – Inkoopstrategie bepalen
  • 4. Inkopen en implementeren
  • – Car / mobility policy implementeren
  • – Inkopen lease
  • – Inkopen thuisladen
  • 5. Monitoren en ondersteunen
  • – EV Keuzehulp
  • – Begeleiding offerte – bestelproces
  • – Begeleiden bestellen thuislader
  • – Fleet Support SHIFT
  • – Rapportage energie ver- / gebruik
  • – Informatiepakket leaserijder
  • 6. Bijsturen en optimaliseren
  • – TCO / TCM optimalisatie
  • – Sturing op laden

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