Sustainable mobility is and will remain a hot topic! Further electrification of the vehicle fleet is progressing rapidly. More and more companies are working towards a 100% electric fleet. We notice in daily practice that this does not happen 'just like that' at every company.

Many questions

It is important to find a balance between business objectives and employee satisfaction. Many questions arise when it is decided to replace the traditional lease fleet with electric transport. Is it possible for all employees to drive an electric car? Can the work still be carried out or should an exception be made? What tax rules apply and what subsidies are available?

There may also be questions and uncertainties among employees. What about home charging and the fee? Is a holiday to the south with the caravan still an option? It is important to include all those involved in the journey towards full sustainable mobility.


Move to zero emissions

To help you integrate sustainable mobility, we have developed the proposition Move to zero emission. It is a concrete step-by-step plan and an ideal tool for embracing sustainable mobility step by step. Always taking into account the company objectives and employee satisfaction. We have an answer to all these questions and more. With “Move to zero emission”, Fleet Support helps to make your business mobility more sustainable and greener. 


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