Grip on your leasing costs

Whether you work with 1 leasing company (single vendor), two leasing companies (dual vendor) or several (multi vendor), it is very important to make good contractual arrangements. We can guide and advise you during the procurement process, but it is also important to keep a grip on costs after the supplier selection.

Fleet Support has several benchmark tools to compare your fleet with our database.

  • Lease Price Checker; suitable for fleets of up to 250 vehicles
  • Lease Rate Monitor: suitable for fleets of 250 vehicles or more
  • International Lease Rate Monitor; suitable for international fleets

The right prices

In practice, we see that lease rates increase over time. This applies in all cases, but especially in the case of single vendor; after all, there is then little to no price competition.

At Fleet Support, we use the Lease Price Checker, Lease Rate Monitor and International Lease Rate Monitor to benchmark your fleet with our database, consisting of more than 60,000 vehicles.

International fleet

Do you have an international fleet? Then it is also important to keep a grip on your fleet costs. The International Lease Rate Monitor is a suitable tool for this.

Supplier selection at international level is a lot more complex. It is important that you think about your mobility goals and principles. This can vary from country to country. We have described all the ins and outs in a whitepaper to get the most out of international fleet management.

Download the whitepaper Love me tender for free.

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