The knowledge update for the professional

How do you keep a grip on all facets of fleet and mobility management? Which policy choices should you consider, how do you choose the preferred supplier and how do you safeguard the agreements made? Lift your knowledge immediately to a clearly higher level. Of course, the latest developments will also pass by, such as the electric car, mobility budgets and private lease. After this training you will be able to strategically anticipate during the race to the mobility of tomorrow.

What will this training bring you?

You are able to draw up a vision for the future and a policy. You will receive advanced knowledge to save costs effectively. You can effortlessly determine which leasing company is the best choice. You know how to monitor and guarantee the agreed price and service level.



Block 1: Mobility policy

– Which form of management suits you best?

– Which components can you include in the lease services?

– Outsourcing of work

– Operational, tactical and strategic activities

– Calculation methods

– Employee contribution and excessive user costs

– Norm and actual consumption

– Signaling and control

Block 2: Cost control

– Lease car allocation criteria

– Consideration of car choice policy

– Brand Restriction – Fuel selection

- Corporate Social Responsibility

– How do you keep a grip on fuel costs?

Block 3: Selection and control of leasing company

– Formulate policy principles

– What are your objectives?

– Points for attention in the selection process

– Tips & tricks for selecting a leasing company

– Project approach and practical experiences

– Content price and service level agreement

– Securing agreed price level

– Securing agreed services

– Measuring key performance indicators (KPIs)

Price: € 795,-

Location: Fleet 
Support, Arnhem

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