Mobility is changing fast. Provide connection.

The mobility market is in full swing. Think of developments such as the significant increase in electric vehicles and stricter requirements for Co2 reduction. But the trend of hybrid working also influences how we think about mobility. 


These developments demand more and more from your fleet and mobility skills. Processes, financial contracts, costs and procedures are becoming more complex, the challenges more serious. This also applies to navigating between all the different parties and interests. Meanwhile, your mobility policy should also put a smile on your face. Do you keep up, do you keep a grip? 


With our practical training courses – from half a day to a full day – you will be up-to-date again in no time!

Your knowledge up to date 

Your knowledge and skills will reach the desired current level within a day. Our training courses are suitable for both the starting fleet manager and the more experienced fleet manager. But also for HR employees or Facility Managers responsible for mobility and the fleet.

Experienced practical teachers teach you how to improve your negotiating position with suppliers and leasing companies, and how to avoid unnecessary fleet costs. You will of course also be updated on new mobility such as smart mobility, sustainability, electrification and telematics.

In-company or online?

The training takes place at our office in Arnhem. If you want to follow a training with a larger group of colleagues, an in-company training is interesting. Send an email to marketing@fleetsupport. We will then contact you as soon as possible to discuss the possibilities.

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