AutoBinck subsidiary Fleet Support acquires Belgian Gloriant

Mobility is becoming more international – and so is Fleet Support

Corporate mobility knows no limits. Employees are becoming more mobile, that mobility is becoming more diverse and companies are eager to facilitate and manage their mobility at an international level. These trends are giving rise to new momentum and opportunities for growth. This is why Fleet Support – which leads the Benelux market in fleet management – is joining forces with Gloriant, an international expert in fleet management software and outsourcing.


Gloriant: XPOfleet and mobilitypower
The Belgian-based Gloriant consists of two entities, XPOfleet and mobilitypower. XPOfleet develops fleet management software that enables businesses to efficiently manage their own vehicle fleets and other mobility services. Like Fleet Support, mobilitypower specialises in fleet & mobility management (outsourcing). The combination offers clients a unique comprehensive package of innovative software and cost-efficient fleet management.


Broadening the international proposition
Through this acquisition, Fleet Support is strengthening its international offerings in the area of fleet management. The experience gained in the Netherlands in connection with the electrification of vehicle fleets and the flexibilisation of mobility and outsourcing can be applied in other countries as well. What's more, XPOfleet's fleet management software will enable Fleet Support to expand its existing portfolio of services: for instance, by supporting international organisations that choose to manage their own fleets with a high-quality software solution.

Gloriant operates in 26 countries in Europe, meaning Fleet Support is increasing its geographic footprint considerably. With the acquisition of Gloriant, Fleet Support now manages a total of 170,000 vehicles – making it a leading player in Europe.


AutoBinck Group
Fleet Support is part of Mobinck, a division of AutoBinck Group. The Dutch family business AutoBinck Group is a leading in the European mobility market and encompasses versatile ventures which focus on the mobility of the future.

The acquisition also serves to reinforce AutoBinck's ongoing efforts in the capacity of a Mobility Service Provider. These efforts include managing vehicle fleets on behalf of commercial clients and managing the flexible mobility of clients’ employees. To that end, a wide range of mobility solutions is offered, including telematics, mobility passes, mobility budgets, carpooling and carsharing, Smart Parking, apps and platforms.

AutoBinck Group has a turnover of approximately €1 billion, operates in eight European countries and employs more than 1,600 people.

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